Bike Servicing And Repairs

Servicing and repairs for all makes and models

All new bikes go through an initial wear in phase, after this period (usually one - two months) a light service is important to ensure proper gear and brake function as well as the overall safety and performance of your new bike.

We include this initial service, as well as a complimentary 'General Service' to be used within 12 months of your purchase. 

Our fully equipped workshop and expert mechanics are able to service all bikes as well as most suspension forks, shocks and 'Dropper' posts. Feel free to drop by or call us to discuss what we can offer for your bike.

Servicing Packages

Our servicing offers packages for any budget or requirement. Fitting of basic parts purchased from us is usually included, however parts are not.


Our signature Service's are executed by our expert mechanics with the utmost attention to detail.

As well as tuning your bike our mechanics thoroughly check your frame and components from wear, damage and cracks.
Upon completion, we aim for you to receive a bike in a condition that excels in both performance and reliability.

Parts are inspected for wear using measuring tools and experience, this ensures that parts wont wear beyond their usable lifespan.

Just like a brand new bike, there is often a bed in period, as all our work is guaranteed please drop by if you find your bike not to be performing as desired.
Our goal is for you to collect a bike that exceeds your expectations.


We stock a large range of parts to compliment our servicing.
We aim to keep stock of the most common options offered by leading brands such as Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, Rockshox and Fox.

When purchasing new parts in store, installation is normally included with our services.

We aim to maintain competitive prices within the cycling community.

From $350.00

Recommended every twelve - eighteen months
Our goal is that your bike leaves our workshop better than its' factory condition.

A great annual service for your commuter, favorite steed or a race season refurbish of your race winning bike.
Intended to take your bike back to factory conditions we recommend this refresh every twelve - eighteen months ensuring optimal performance of your regular ride.

  • Bike Wash
  • Complete drive train de-grease and lubrication 
  • Complete strip down of frame and check of all components 
  • Polish of frame
  • Gear Works
  • Gear Works
  • Hub services 
  • Wheels Trued
  • Headset service 
  • Bottom Bracket service
  • All parts fitted with new grease/preparation compounds
  • New brake and gear inner/outer cables
  • New basic handle bar grips or bar tape
  • Bottle of recommended lubricant 

From $165.00

Recommended every nine - twelve months

Routine maintenance for your bike.
This service is ensures your bike is tuned to run perfectly.
As well as ensuring perfect performance, our Comprehensive Works conducts essential preventative maintenance on your wheels ensuring reliability and performance.

  • Bike Wash
  • Complete drive de-grease and lubrication 
  • Gear Works
  • Brake Works
  • Hub services 
  • Wheels Trued
  • Bike safety check 
  • Bolts, bearings, and moving parts checked & re- torqued. 
Recommended every 9- 12 months

From $99.00

Recommended every three - six months

Routine maintenance to ensure your bike runs perfectly.
  • Bike Wash
  • Basic Drive train de-grease and lubrication 
  • Gears Works
  • Brake Works
  • Wheels spot trued in bike.
  • Bike safety check, all bolts, bearings, and moving parts checked 

From $49.00

Pre-race tune up ensuring you can rely on your bike on your big day.
Only available for regularly serviced bikes
  • MINOR adjustments to brakes and gears 
  • Drivetrain lube
  • Basic Safety check inc.torque of crucial bolts.

From $38.00

Intended to bring your most important components back to perfect working order.
Correct alignment, cable tension and lever set-up is crucial to brake performance.
  • Fit braking parts (if purchased in store) 
  • Align calipers and pads to rim/disc. 
  • Adjust Cable tension front and rear
Brake Bleeding Available for most makes and models.
  • From $44 per end, including fluid

From $38.00

Intended to bring your gears back to perfect function.
The correct set-up of 'Limit' screws, cable and 'B' tension is crucial to proper function.

  • Fit components (if purchased in store)
  • Minor drivetrain de-grease and lube
  • Limit screws adjusted front and rear
  • Cable tension set and gears tuned

Suspension Servicing

We recommend to  follow manufacturers recommendations for servicing, however, we believe Forks, Shocks and Seat posts should be serviced at minimum, annually.
We are equipped and qualified to service most major brands in house, however, we will work with suspension specialists across Australia if we are unable to complete your service in house.

Suspension Service
From $77.00

During a suspension service, our mechanics meticulous clean your components. after this, each component is inspected for wear and damage before being re assembled with new oil and grease.
Suspension services do not include full dampener rebuilds or service kits.
Service kits start from approximately $60 from most major fork and shock brands.
  • Inspection for wear
  • Re-assembly with manufacturer approved lubricants
  • Fitting of new wiper seals, foam rings and crush washers
Unfortunately we are unable to service Cannondale 'Lefty' forks in store

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