Shockwiz Now Available to Hire

"ShockWiz is a suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app.
The ShockWiz app analyzes the data and displays straightforward adjustments that unite bike, terrain and riding style.
 ShockWiz works for all mountain bike riders, regardless of their experience or bike’s intended use."

Correct suspension setup is essential to suspension performance, durability and rider comfort.
correct set-up means a rider can go harder and faster for longer.

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Since 1997 our independent shop has built a strong following for servicing and repairs on all makes and models. Our friendly team of experts are equipped to find you the perfect new bike as well as extensive experience in bike fitting and setup across all disciplines. Alongside servicing and new bike sales, we offer a broad range of parts and accessories for all bikes and riders.

Our Team

Vlad, our current owner took hold of the store in 2007, and leads a team of experienced retail and workshop staff. Vlads' dedicated staff hold extensive personal experience  having raced and ridden most disciplines.

After Sales Support

For us, the most important part of purchasing a new bike is after sales support, and that is why when you purchase a new bike with us, included is a 6 week and 6 month complementary service as well as 10% discount on parts and accessories for the life of the bike.
We encourage customers to come back as often as needed after the purchase of a new bike, be that for fitting, minor adjustments or parts and accessories.
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